Design | Expresso Machine

YEAR | 1985


At the beginning of the 1980s the Unoper company invents, patents and produces the first coffee machine that uses prepackaged pods. The intention, even before dreaming of widespread distribution in all homes, is to propose the machine in offices to offer a good espresso instead of the classic "machine" coffee. From this input arises the need to incorporate the motor and the containers for cups, sugar sachets and stirrers in a single object. The realization of these fantasies is entrusted to the architect Rocca and the architect Marsilli. The result is this large cylinder, the side parts of which open and reveal these spaces. Everything is made in ABS, to get maximum practicality, resistance and cost containment. The project was then integrated with a second, higher cylinder, which had the double function of base for the actual machine and storage of the pods. The company was soon acquired by Lavazza, which oversaw the marketing of the model.

Studio Rocca

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