Design | LIM2 Lamp

YEAR | 2015


Four different sizes plans stuck together orthogonally. An implicit reference to the Neoplastic period, of Van Doesburg and Mondrian, but also to Mies van der Rohe's research for cleanliness of forms. Made with only four elements, this lamp is an example of essentiality and purity of lines. Designed at the end of the 70s in Absolute Black marble and crystal, today it finds a new look thanks to in-depth studies on natural materials that guarantee both stability and great aesthetic performance. Here the vertical elements become in Amaranth wood, of South American origin, with its incredible natural purple color, made brilliant by a simple waxing, without any coloring intervention. The softness of the wood blends nicely with the fabric electric cable. The light bulb recalls the original design, but finds its modernity in the use of LED technology.

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Studio Rocca

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